Let it go ; (forgive so that you can be forgiven)

Back in high school, my dad came with the Let it go poem by Td Jakes and played it for us. He would do so on a regular till it became a mantra to us. I liked it and according to me its one of the most honest, truly spoken and outright poems of all time. Not because I’m a huge Td Jakes fanatic, but because of the message it holds. And by luck, I got to read the book from which the poem emanates from. Let it go ; (forgive so that you can be forgiven). I enjoyed it and from it its where my article is derived from.

Letting things go. As humans and in a society that discards vulnerability, many of us prefer holding things to themselves and rarely do people fell at ease opening up. I was once like that till I had an interstice in my life. That’s when I realized the importance of opening up. But you don’t have to be like me to be pushed to the corner in order to open up your heart. Do it because it’s something that will greatly benefit you and your life.

People don’t just wake up and by tomorrow they have committed suicide. It’s a continual process of hiding emotions, fear of opening up, judgement and a lack of compassion. If our society allowed people to open up and changed the outlook on failure, suicidal and depressing cases would be on an all time low. In the book let it go, Td jakes narrates on when he counselled a couple and he advised them that if they don’t listen to each other, open up to the roots of their problems, they will never resolve their differences no matter how many counselling sessions they attend.

Yes. It starts with the acceptance of letting go of things. Accepting the fact that if you keep holding on onto them, they will do you more harm than bring you pleasure. Not only on matters that seem heavy to the heart, but also to those that can be destructing you from set out life goals. It can be friends, an addiction, place you stay or a habit that you have. As 50 cent says in hustle harder, hustle smarter ; ‘Nipsey hussle was great but the problem was he got successful and never left the hood. He remained there and it became easier for people to reach and attack him.’ Nipsey was gunned down on his shop that he had opened at his hood.

So I urge you my dear reader, let it go. Don’t hold on to past hurts and pains, who did you right and who did you wrong, let it al go. With that you will live a long happy and stress free life.


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