“A good name is better than precious ointment and the day of death better than the day of one’s birth” (Ecclesiastes 7:1)

When the news that DMX was hospitalized for an Od, I was surprised. Just a few weeks before he was on drink champs sharing his life story. Then a week later we lost him. My world for a moment was standstill.

Growing up, he was among the few rappers I emulated telling my self I must one day be like him. Same to Jay Z, Eminem, Kanye west and Lil wayne. I liked him because each time you took a listen to his songs,there was something he wanted you to learn. Also the way he penned his thoughts down. You could feel his vulnerability being let out to the world.

And for most of us that is why we felt a sense of affiliation towards him. But today my piece isn’t a tribute to him rather it’s a reflection from the life he lived.

After his death despite having a recurrent addictive behavior, people remembered him more for the good rather than the bad he did. Something that got me pondering. What will we leave behind when we die? Is it the money, the cars, the bungalows or the impact we had on people’s lives?

We’re in a society that is materially motivated to the point we forget the teensy-weensy things that make life memorable. One would rather have a high walled house with no disturbances than having to see a neighbor each and every day. Were also taught to work hard and acquire a lot but never taught how to share. Were told if you’re not materially successful,then you don’t have a place in society.

Yes being affluent is good but there things money can’t buy. Money can’t buy happiness, joy, comfort, encouragement or even a good name. It can place you in a certain place in the society but if you lack the basics, it’s worthless. People remember one more for what he/she did to them in their lives than how many cars they owned.

You might be on top of the world right now but when you die, all that can topple in seconds.


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