POWER (It’s God given)

“seen the rovers roll up with ribbons, I seen them re-poid re-sold then re-driven” Jay Z

“When power, power gets into your head, I can tell you, you will never remember that one day there is a bigger power almighty that will deal with you” (James Orengo) And that’s how most of us conduct ourselves when we get into authority. We forget the enabling force that put us into the position. And when we fall, we are full of regrets.

There’s been an ongoing discussion about the conduct of presenters from Homeboyz radio (breakfast show) and the remarks that they made a week ago. I happened to have a listen to the clip and was utterly disgusted by what they said. With such a huge platform, there are better and sane things to talk about rather than insulting and insinuating false beliefs into the minds of listener’s.

But that hasn’t been the first time presenter X (pseudo name we will give him) has behaved in such a way. Many at times he has had to either been reprimanded or pulled off air and instead of learning from the mistakes, continues to carry on with his behaviors. And that’s what James Orengo says; “when power, power gets into your head, you can never remember there is a bigger power…”

On the other hand, it should serve as a lesson to all of us. When God grants you the opportunity of influence, use the opportunity well. Educate, uplift, motivate and try to bring out a better society than you found.

Currently I’m reading A Promised Land by Barrack Obama and in an excerpt where he discusses bill passing, he says; ‘I think back to my community service days. I think of the steel – plant workers, there families and I remember the reason why I ran for office. I must make sure I deliver on the promise’. I wish those in office would emulate such kind of a person.

While we may be hard headed and think that power will last forever, God will remind you that he is the giver and taker of the same power. Presenter X has been moving with the notion of “bad boy” & that he can’t be brought down but shock on him.

As Lucky dube sings; “be good to the people on your way up the ladder you will meet them on your way down”. Away from him. Look at our politicians and so called celebrities. Those who walked proudly like pekoks are now nowhere to be seen or are fighting cases in court.

So I urge you my dear reader. Be humble, allow God to exalt you and when he does, serve him with all your strength.


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