That the world may know you have sent me

One of the strengths that introversion has brought me is intuition. Whenever I go somewhere I get to notice the little bitty details that bypass people. Or I’m able to remember things and what people told me years ago. (well that hasn’t always been nice)

Still I like it. Apart from my queerness of reading four books a month and 2hrs of workout in the morning,there’s something positive in my introversion.
That’s what has happened for the past two weeks. I’ve noticed a pattern of similar messages shared by different people that I’ve interacted with in the last 14 days. What has stood out is as if God is trying to tell me something. That despite my brokenness, he still has a greater purpose for me.

It started when I visited a tattoo parlor while redoing a tattoo I’ve had. I was in the company of a female friend and the tattooist asked her if she is saved and if she doesn’t mind he plays gospel music. I was intrigued. And he started asking me when were you last in church? And we chatted and chatted and even others who were getting tattoos contributed. It became more of a community sharing session. He shared how God picked him from the mess he was in and transformed him. I also shared what I’ve been through and where God has placed me and what I’m doing to be better while helping others.

Before leaving, we prayed and I remember his last words: “Don’t mind how rugged your past looks like. Infront lies better opportunities and God can’t put us through things he can’t get us through” We headed for home with my friend and the next day early at cockcrow we were in church. Afterwards we went back home, prepared breakfast, some snacks for a friend’s birthday she was going to and while I was leaving, she insisted I accompany her to the birthday. I did and while we were there, there father(catholic priest) came and shared the celebration with them. He got to talk to me abit as well as her friends trying to get to know me.

The sister of the birthday girl was quite keen on knowing me and how my spiritual life is. That evening they were going for bible study and insisted I come. I couldn’t make(considering I was going back to my place) but insisted I should be a frequent visitor and accompany them whenever they go for meditation prayers.

Three days later while leaving school I bump into my film lecturer. He quizzed me on where I live and how I find school life. I shared and the challenges I face. He told me: “don’t indulge in things you’ll later come to regret. You’re here for a short while. Use the opportunity you have well”.

Then on Sunday which has become my tradition; (not missing a TD. Jakes sermon) he was taking about shame, brokenness and knowing that you can do it. He shared in analogy to the greatest people in the bible, they had their weaknesses yet God choose them. Then in the evening churchill show big ted was talking about why he writes and that he wanted to use that as an opportunity to grow the quality of his life.

And that’s the message of my blog this morning. God will use the simple but disregarded things to teach us lessons. You might be waiting for an angel from heaven to touch down on earth (which might happen) but at times it’s the simple things we see in life that God uses to communicate to us.

God might use your mother, your father,your teacher, your friend or even a preacher on TV to tell you something. So next time when such happens to you, be willing to accept it with an open heart 💜💜


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