Ain’t no man can stop the vision

Growing up, together with my family we called Santack estate home. That is where I learnt how to make friends, ride my first bike, cook food with friends and basically all that is there to do with childhood. It was fun experience I wont lie to you. And up to now though we shifted years back, I find myself a regular guest there talking to some of my old friends. Not because I lack new friends but there is a part of me that still feels attached to the estate.

Just like Duane Stephenson and Tarrus Riley sung in their mega hit ghetto religion : “I’m a part of the ghetto, the ghetto is a part of me.” That’s how I am. I guess I’m not the only one. Psychologically it has been proven that we form attitudes and habits from our homes and the environments we grew up in. The environment shapes who we are and most likely what we become. That’s why when you ask two children (baby x and baby y) what they want to become when they grow up, they will provide different answers. With a high prevalence on their environment.

Yes. Our environment forms our worldview. It gives us a picture of how life should be. Like in the tv series the wire. The children in the environment of drug dealing and violence ended up being peddlers themselves. They mirrored what they saw in front of them and when the school tried to impact a different life in them, they were met with resistance. The re – evaluation program didn’t work.

Not because people can’t change, but we are more accustomed to what we saw and heard. As the saying goes : “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” That’s how we humans are. It might be a good thing to be a part and model what you saw in front of you, but it can also be another challenging part if what was in front was negative. If for instance you grew around thieves? does it mean you must be a thief?

No. Sometimes we should take lessons from the experiences. If for example you’re father was a drunkard. You don’t have to end up on the same road. You can say that for how I saw alcohol being abused at home, I will not drink. Or if your environment was in the shanty dwellings. You don’t have to end up there. You can work hard in school and create a better life for yourself. As I conclude, be a part of where you come from but also pick lessons from the same same places and use them as the fuel for a better tomorrow.


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