You look so much better when you smile

“I smile
Even though I’m hurt, see, I smile
I know God is working so I smile
Even though I’ve been here for a while
I smile
It’s so hard to look up when you’ve been down
Sure would hate to see you give up now
You look so much better when you smile” (Smile chorus) A favorite song of mine. If I had a top- ten list, it would comfortably seat among the first five alongside slave mill and never let you down. Not because of its popularity or because we share a jones history with the singer(Kirk franklin) but of the words dispatched by the singers.

The song basically has a story line of hurt and depression and urges people to forge forward in that God will be there for you 🙏. Which brings me to the message of today’s blog. Our attitude. From the merriam webster definition, it is; “a mental position with regards to a fact or state”(noun) With that, we can now see it all starts from our cognitive. Dripping down to our entire being. And if we fill it with antagonism, it will pull us down.

The human nature requires an equilibrium between good and bad, right and wrong but if we lean too much on one side, we might end up falling down like the seesaw game we played as kids. When a heavier opponent sat against you, he would lift you up the sky and leave you to fall. Similar to how our attitude operates. Yes we might be undergoing a harsh moment, but if we lean too much on what is happening, we miss the chance of picking ourselves up.

Just this week on Spotify I discovered a new podcast titled Happy place by Fearne Cotton. And the latest episode she was doing was with Rhonda Bryne the famous author of The Secret. A book that delves into knowing oneself and bettering of thyself. I enjoyed the 48 minutes episode. And Bryne said if you hold onto anger and hurt, it grows into you limiting your possibilities. She further said that you should let in the emotion, process it and let it out. ‘Everyday may not be a sunny happy day but despite the gloominess that comes, we shouldn’t let it take a hold of us’

An advice I would recommend. And as I finish, I urge you to always carry the positive luggage, leave behind the burden and imagine of endless possibilities ahead. We might not always have brighter days but we can create the sunshine we desire. It all starts in our minds. ☀️


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