One of the preeminent teachings you get from therapy is that you can’t help others if you haven’t helped yourself. You might wonder; “will that be possible?” Yes it can. Just that our society hasn’t allowed the notion to thrive.

The next question you might ask, is how that will be done. And won’t you seem a vexatious person? No you won’t. Actually I’ve come to learn that it’s better to first help yourself before helping others.

And this has been through experiences. Many people usually find me an easy going person and whenever they need a helping hand, I’m always available. But as I avail myself to others, I’ve also seen it has had a detrimental effect. I might avail to offer a helping hand while on my end my shoulder is hurting. And then I’m left in pain.

That’s why after experiences I’ve decided to put me first before others. I feed myself before offering a plate. Not an easy thing to do considering people viewing you as selfish. As it is human for you to expect help when in pain.

But also it’s more humane to have the strength required to help others. You can’t lift a friend from a ditch while you’re falling in the same ditch. So my dear reader, I want to challenge you this year to start with you before thinking of others. Not a mean thing to do but a healthy habit to cultivate.


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