Evolution not resolution (G money)

In September 2016 on a fine Saturday evening I was briskly walking home and I happen to come across a multitude of people gathered and singing in joyous celebration. It was on the pathway between holy family basilica and city hallway. I was intrigued and decided to go and see what is going on. I was ushered in with warm hands and given a pamphlet that read; “happy new year”. I thought to myself; “this seems quite interesting”.

And that is how I found myself in a new years celebration in September. I enjoyed the fete not only the singing and dancing but also what I learnt. After we sang and danced ourselves out, the preacher took to the podium and shared words that have stuck with me ever since. “We are celebrating the new year not as others do but as we do. Let this be a new beginning but also the continuation of the previous. As you plan and write resolutions remember they will only come to pass if you are willing to work. Not forgetting the destiny that God has placed in you”

He continued sharing and urging people to think of where they want their lives to be and what they need to do in order reach there. Rather than just coming up with yearly based resolutions. And that is what has prompted my article. Resolutions and the new year. You might be surprised by the tittle but please don’t be. I heard of it from media personality G money(Cornad Garry)on his podcast; (the mics are open). He was asked by fellow podcaster Andrew what are his resolutions for 2021 and he said he doesn’t write resolutions, rather he reflects on his life to see if there is an improvement towards where he wants to be.

A point worth jotting down. Many of us usually begin a year with a list of things onto which we project and say we will do but rarely accomplish. Why you may ask? it’s simple. If you don’t have an elevated mindset and drive, rarely do you see things through. You may want to go to the gym and look well but what is your overall notion towards fitness? do you enjoy working out? are you willing to forfeit eating unhealthy to a more greener and cleaner diet?. Or take another example savings. What is your relationship with money. How do you look at money? is it something you fear addressing?. If most of the above questions keep your mind buzzing, it’s high time you elevate.

Elevate in the way you see things, the way you do them, the way you handle them and that is how you’ll accomplish all you want. Another point worth jotting is having a vision board. A vision board will help you know where you want your life to be and it will guide you on the steps to take. For example I want to be a best selling author and a show host(just like Oprah Winfrey).

On my vision board I have written that down and broken the steps to get there. I have started with my blog and I’m also doing youtube videos. When each year ends and I begin the next, I usually try to see if I’m closer to my dreams and what do I need to improve to get there. Not just a list of 10 things to do for 2021.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m not dismissing resolutions, rather I’m guiding you on how to make them work. So when each year begins, try to see if you are elevating or downgrading.


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