“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1)

“This is going to be my year. The beginning of a new decade.” Most of us (myself) included hollered that at the beginning of 2020 with lots of enthusiasm not knowing things would take a turn. We didn’t know the year would be as it is.
A pandemic swept through the air leading to confusion  and distress. Job loss, demise of loved ones, businesses crumbling and to make matters worse, there is no near end to the pandemic. With such, lies no hope for a brighter day.
But it shouldn’t be. Yes there is an affliction but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be upbeat. It actually might be preparing us for the better in store. Just as depicted in Things Fall Apart by (Chinua Achebe): “The year that Okononkwo took eight hundred seed-yams from Nwakibe was the worst year in living memory. Nothing happened at it’s proper time …. But the year had gone mad. Rain fell as if it had never fallen before”. If you read further you will see that people laughed at Okonkwo when he was planting and others lazied around. When the rains came, it caught them in surprise as Okonkwo’s barn was full to the brim.
So I urge you my dear reader. Despite the year being full of ups and downs, loosing of loved ones, businesses going down; stay auspicious. Look at the heavens with a bright heart and let the most high know that you are prepared for the coming year. Pray to him with a hopeful heart. And actually you will find he will bless you in the midst of the storm. So take charge and declare that 2021 is your year.


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