DOING RIGHT : (Never easy)

Always do the right (Mugambi)

“There is a right and there’s a wrong,
face the two and be a man,
play your part in the father’s plan of creation”
*Luciano (Jah Is Much Stronger)

Such kind of songs made me fall in love with reggae music. And up to now I still listen to the music. I like it because it passes a message and consummates the masses. But that’s for another day. For today I want to talk about doing right. As the song has said, there is a wrong and a right but do we really know the difference ? I bet yes it’s just that we’ve decided as a society to norm some shaft and allow them to happen.

Begining from the traditional settings, people were taught what is acceptable and what is not. And when one did a wrong, there were consequences that followed. Then where did we go wrong? According to me, all went sideways when those who did wrong got more glory than those who did right. This then made people see that; “okay, if I do this even though it’s wrong, I still will benefit and be like person X or person Y”

Drug dealers got more fame than pastors. Gang leaders became more attractive to the youth than doctors. Rouge politicians became more successful than teachers. With this, it brought about a shift in thinking. Children started dropping out of school to start selling drugs, more and more people started revering political tricks as opposed to properly campaigning. And before we knew it, our societal morals were on a downhill spiral.

And the media and entertainment business picked up this notion. More movies started being filmed with either drug dealer characters or gangs and they stated making money off this. From The Godfather up to Gangs of London, the society has been infiltrated with this thinking that it’s okay to do wrong, you will make it. That’s why it took a director like Tyler perry a longer time to reach the top because he didn’t reflect this norm.

But should we seat down and watch as the society crumbles on its morals ? no. It’s tough doing the right thing in a place where wrong has been made “okay” but that doesn’t discard a wave of change. It took men like Mandela 27 years in prison to realise a change in racial inequality so don’t expect the journey to be a walk in the park.

In whatever space you might be in, try make a difference. As a politician inspire people by showing them that your manifesto and how you campaign gets you elected. Not through vote riging and hate speech. As a director, create movies that will change the society and not corrupt morals. As a writer, inspire people with your words and most importantly as a parent reflect an image that you would want your children to be like.


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