One of the mantras that I came up with is “The son is the reflection of the father”. I came up with it one day while I was reflecting on life. And from that day it has stuck with me guiding me as I’m growing. I like it because it speaks truth to the sense that one models what he/she sees growing up or in front of him/her.

And that’s how most of us are living our lives. From what we saw, heard and were around. It’s not a problem to mirror what you saw but at times it’s better to create new ideas that will shape your life for the better.

Ever heard the saying of two brothers who grew up with an alcoholic father and one turned out like his dad while the other different ? And when asked he said he didn’t want to be like his father because he saw the unpleasant impact alchohol had on his life and he wanted to be distinct from him. That’s how we should be.

Try create something new. Go beyond what you’ve been accustomed to. It won’t cause you harm trying something new. That’s how great ideas were born. People like the Wright brothers or Henry Ford or Bill Gates or Martin Luther king jr. or Malcom X. That’s how they changed the world. They changed the world because they decided to be different and do new things.

And don’t expect people to clap 👏 for you when you decide to do so. You’ll get a lot of criticism but you have to forge on unbothered and aiming for your goal.

Everyone now travels on plane and enjoys the comfort of an aeroplane but when the Wright brothers were starting many criticized them.

Discarding old ways also is a good thing because most of us are going around carrying baggages that weigh a toll on us. Personally I hate the term “men don’t cry or be strong”. Most of us (men) grew up knowing it is wrong to cry or be seen as a sissies. And we carry that through out our lives not knowing were doing more damage than repair. Most men know the solution to problems is keeping quiet and avoid tackling problems in the name of “manning up”.

Another thing which I don’t like is people taking the steering wheel of your life and trying to drive you on a path they think will bring success. For me I believe success is relative. Just because you are a doctor doesn’t mean doctors are the only successful people in this world. Or working an 8-5 job being the only way one succeeds. And it stems down to marriage.

Many parents want to dictate to their children how they should live with their spouses, what investments they should take and how they should drive their lives. It’s not a bad thing for a parent to guide, but as T.D Jake’s says “I married you, I didn’t marry your mother”. And that’s how we should be. Unlearn the old and create new ways. With the little said above, I hope I have left an imprint in your life.


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