The past month leading to this was quite a heavy one on me. From ailing friends and family to overwhelming school projects. I questioned why all this was happening. Why to family? why to my friends? why all this work? but then again I remembered that I have been to far much worse circumstances and overcame them. The experience lead me to write this months article worry not. At times, we are confronted with strenuous circumstances which deprive us of our moxie and we end up low blown, depressed and with nowhere to turn to.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gone through such. Life is not a straight line where everyday the sun shines and we giggle on amusement. There times where we feel gloomy, just like clouds preparing for a pour. You receive those disappointing news, a family member is demised, you have contracted Covid, you have been laid off. Usually when they come, 90% of the time people are not yet prepared. That’s why after burials people still wish that those gone to be around. Even getting rid of their personal items becomes tedious.

What then do you do? I’m not a counselor nor a spiritual leader but I feel my experiences and what I did can be of great value to all who come across this article. Be male or female, suffering knows no gender. Though there might exist disparities, I firmly believe not so much. Death of a family member will affect both a father and a mother the same way just the expression of the pain might be different. When you are faced with a difficult or overwhelming situation, I believe the first thing is to take a deep brerath.

Be in the moment. Then allow yourself to digest the news. Follow by telling yourself that you will overcome it. A positive attitude has been linked to speeding up recovery in patients. Then look for ways to maneuver through the tussle. As you look for ways to maneuver, remember that you are not the only one going through the problem. And as you do so, look for a book or a video, or a podcast that will always keep your spirits up.

And most importantly, don’t forget the wise words of the bible that God will never put you through something that he cant get you out of.


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