FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Be your own life of the party

A few weeks ago Kenya hosted the WRC championships and it became the talk of the town. “Vasha” was the in thing. People were flocking there. Surprisingly most of those who attended didn’t have a clue about the rally or what it was all about. Most if not all attendees were there because of the hype and to show others ”they were there”

And that’s the basis of my article today. Fear of missing out. Have you ever found yourself doing something not because you wanted to but because of the pressure of friends or social media? well I’m sure I’m not the only one. At this digital age, were at a point where people don’t do things because they enjoy but because they want to please others. We go to a restaurant not to enjoy the meal but to post the picture on Instagram.

What a place we are in. Genuine, unpretentious and happy moments have all died down and we are reduced to boasting, posting and roasting. We do things because we want others to see we were there or we do things to keep a certain class of friends. Why? instead of technology bringing us together, we are more distant and are in competition with one another. We want to look good on social media and maintain a certain class on the ground.

What I’ve come to see in life is that the more you struggle the more you end up failing. Why can’t you go to a restaurant and enjoy the scrumptious meal and drinks without posting? or why do you have to struggle to maintain certain lifestyle or keep up with certain friends? If you don’t feel comfortable being around a certain type of people, the easiest thing to do is walk away. No one is going to kill you for that. Protect your sanity, enjoy moments and please no one but yourself.


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