See, to live is to suffer but to survive
Well, that’s to find meaning in the suffering

I love going to the gym and I think that’s one of those things I do without anyone forcing me to. Reason being is I enjoy the company of those I work out with and two I want by the time I am 60 or 70 to be in the best shape possible. I don’t want to be a grandfather who cannot play with my grandchildren.

Yes. Those are my reasons for working out. I don’t know yours and I don’t know if you actually work out. Do you? we’ll that’s a personal question to answer. For today I’m talking about the mental gym. And this being the mental health month, I believe it’s a right topic for the right time.

So many of us spend much of our time behind a mirror applying makeup or at the mall buying the most expensive clothes yet our inner selves are stained and require cleaning. You can have the most expensive watch in the world but don’t know how to plan for having quality time with your loved ones. Or you can have the latest Fenty lipstick applied on your lips but what you utter is much more foul than the color.

For what reason are we like this? I think it’s due to the fact that no one talks to us about our inner selves. When you’re in school a teacher is concerned with how many marks you get in a test and not why you are sullen and sad. That to him/her is “laziness”. And if you grow up in such a system, you end up a broken adult.

You start hearing of high suicide rates, high spouse murders and high drug use. Which shouldn’t be the case. But on the other hand, you may ask me: “How do we resolve this issues?” First and foremost the basic thing we need to do is to train people to understand themselves.

Who are you and why do you act the way you are? if you are an introvert or extrovert, what are your characteristics. If you are an INFJ or INFT or EXFT. Secondly let us train people to speak up. Have mechanisms of sharing, complaining and being heard. Because we bottle down our emotions and once they blow up, disaster looms. And lastly let’s learn to take care of ourselves. Think of you first because you can’t be of service if you are bleeding. With that, the mental gym in our brains will be wired to face life’s atrocities


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