Yet it’s that time of the year again. For you that are single don’t worry, I have the best tips for you 😅. Dudes grab your favourite drink and make sure you’re Netflix subscription is paid. Ladies, you’re favorite wine and shawl covering as you watch a YouTube vlog. And that’s how valentine’s is celebrated 😅

But on a serious note, love shouldn’t just be an emotion that you have to express on a specific day. And it’s not something that you have to always look at on the dimensions of intimacy. Not all people in the world have a guy or a lady. What do you do when you’re single? Does it mean love doesn’t exist for you?

I don’t think so. Love should be a universal emotion. Just like sex. We only look at sex on the lens of two people cuddling and enjoying themselves in bed. But is it so? No. What about knowing your body? What pleases you? Why it is important to know the dangers that accompany unsafe sex? Do we think of that? Do we think of post sexual consequences? Raising children? Unwanted pregnancies? The pregnancy journey?

I guess not. Were too quick to have a one dimensional outlook to thing’s forgetting there’s much more to life. Like in the case of love. You might love your boyfriend or wife but don’t love your brother or sister. Or you might be hating your superintendent. The bartender at your local. Each time you visit the venue you look at them with devilish eyes.

And surprisingly what we exhibit is what we get. You might ask yourself yes you love your partner but there’s always anarchy at your house. What causes it? It’s the same same attitude you show others. In the African culture if you disrespect your parents and hate them, they curse you and you carry that curse all through your life. It’s karma. Just like food, what you feed your body is what you get. As I leave my dear reader, be that person who expresses love to all, everyday of your life 365 days a year ❤️


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