May your 2022 blossom with goodness

When the sun perks up, we know the day has started. Just as so, the year 2022 is on the starting point. “On your marks” the whistle is blown.

But are we really ready for it? How enthusiastic are you? Do you think it’ll be your year? Don’t just say it, claim it.
And how do you do so? Many are the times we write resolutions but on reaching February, the course is diverted. By July life is back to normal. Helter skelter we run. Forgetting we had a mission to loose weight, stop drinking or start that business.

A recent study has shown that most people by January 17th are either on track with their resolutions or are off track. Which side of the pendulum do you want to be on?
My dear reader, be enthusiastic but keep the faith. The load might be heavy but don’t be weary. If your goal is to end an addiction, start by identifying the triggers and why you engage in a certain vice. Might it be you smoke when stressed?

Then find alternative methods to vent. You can decide when stressed to go for a run, or take a walk, read a book. And that way your goal will be reached. Have a destination set for December and start the journey. Fuel the car (dreams, hopes, aspirations), look at the map (what do J need to do to get there?) Then embark on the journey (perseverance) and lastly arrive at your destination (goal).

Have a lovely and prosperous 2022


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