If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In my film classes, one of our lecturers has persistently told us on the importance of planning before going out to shoot. He says that you need ample time before you can pick up the camera and start recording. Which is actually true. Because there is so much that takes place behind the scenes before the whole process starts. You have to have an idea of what you will shoot, the location, the actors and the script.

And this got me thinking. Many of us are aimlessly wondering through life without a clear direction of where they want to go. We wake up without plans, just living for the moment (YOLO). Yes it might be great to live for the moment, but for how long will you do so?

I recently saw a meme that said : “Your hustle today will determine whether you will be a grandfather who plays golf or draft.” It was funny but at the same time reflective. I’ve seen this from family friends whom we grew up with. How our parents planned themselves for their sunset years. And those who didn’t are now suffering. You might think that since you are energetic now, you don’t need to plan for the future.

Nobody knows about tomorrow but tomorrow is created by today. If you fail to have a steady career or built on your talent, how then do you think in the future you will reap benefits? Mbusi from Radio Jambo was the other day conversing with Jalango, and he said he first was an actor and stage performer from 2002 and from then he knew this is the thing he wants to do with his life, and he planned for it and today he is a household name in our radios.

It all started from 2002 and the vision he had has taken him to where he is today. He even has a head of state recommendation. So I urge you my dear readers, be planners and people who prepare for the future. Like in Game of Thrones when winter is coming, be ready for it.


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