DISCIPLINE : (The success main ingredient)

discipline is the key to success (Mugambi)

In 2017, I got to interact with legendary reggae  artists  Etana , Luciano and Richie Spice. It was one of my favorite moments in my life. And still is 😊😊. While at the luncheon and artist training,  they got to share their life experiences and tips that would guide us as upcoming artists. Etana said that she has never changed what she talks about, how she dresses and she hasn’t done anything in order to be famous. Richie spice said he has had the same discipline that he had while working as a carpenter and now a famous musician. Luciano said that what has made him stay in the reggae industry long is because he is true to himself and he cares about God, life and the world. He said he wants to leave a positive mark when he dies. After the talk I got home and contemplated what they had said and it got me thinking. What do I stand for ? Do I have such kind of discipline ? Do I know where I’m going ? And from that day onwards I purposed to start cultivating discipline in my life. Which has got me putting down thoughts in this article. From my dictionary , the meaning is a system of controlled order. Which I totally agree with. If there is no order, then things can’t run smoothly. And that’s how most of us live our lives. With no order just taking each day as it comes, being pushed into people’s agendas and doing thing’s with no end goal in sight. We do this subconsciously and end up complaining that “life is hard , I’m just a hustler ” and that’s where we remain.  I’m not disputing that life can be hard and that you have to hustle to make it, but I’m saying that if you lack discipline you won’t go far. It’s like an eagle. An eagle usually stays at the highest point in a tree so as to be able to see where food is and if it doesn’t do so, it knows it will go hungry. And at no point will you find and eagle down. Why ? This is the discipline it has created in itself. Then we as humans who are more advanced in thinking should do better. We should cultivate discipline for I believe it’s  the main ingredient in the success recipe. And if you look at most successful people in the world, most of them have a certain level of discipline that they follow. I once watched Akon on an interview and he was asked about music and relevance and success tips. He said those who treat music as a job are those that end up being successful. He gave an example of Eminem whom he said while they were recording “Smack that” he used to arrive at 8 in the studio and leave by 5 even if they hadn’t finished their session. How many artists do that ? Bringing it closer home, I had Naiboi being asked on radio when was the last time he went out and he said he doesn’t and that he only goes to a club to perform or promote music. Also Nyashinski. He was asked how he unwinds and what he likes to drink on TV and he said he neither drinks nor smokes and that he focuses on his music and art and how he can improve each day. Wow 🤔🤔. Ater I had the above scenarios, I had to rethink the way I do my things. And that is what I am talking about.  In order for you to be successful you need to cultivate a certain level of discipline that will enable you reach far. Start with simple things. Say you will start keeping time. Say that you won’t tell lies. Say that you will be more focused on things. Say you won’t drink and avoid drugs. Such simple things. At the end they will be part of your system and you will find yourself at places you never imagined.


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