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Since the world took a paradigm shift, I also decided to do the same on a personal level. And one of the things I changed was my morning routine. (Waking up and checking my phone). Not because I don’t want to stay informed, but because I got overwhelmed with all that’s on the web. Alot of negativity, people bashing one another and other’s spreading all sorts of rumors about the pandemic. And starting your day with such kind of things can change the view and dictate how it shall be. Something that I don’t want.

I always want to be on a positive mood. But it can be hard. Seriously hard. And with the advancement of technology, negativity spreads faster than the positive thing that is intended to come out of a message. Like the corona virus. People are listening and reading more on who and what started / caused the virus than what is being done to reduce and resolve it. One day it’s a story about a Wuhan lab, the next day it’s Bill Gates (I feel for him) 💔. And it’s so ironical because he is among those who srarted the advancements we are enjoying and instead of thanking him, we try to bring him down with his work. As Richie spice sang in his song, cycle “The world is a cycle and everything weh happen, yes it come ‘roun’ in a circle”.

It got me missing the old day’s. Although I didn’t experience them fully, but I wish they extended abit. Day’s we relied on BBC and VOK for radio and updates, Tv was one chanel VOK, newspaper was the nation. No one could publish information without going through  a strict editorial team of Philip Ochieng and his team. Music was on vinyls, you had to go to disco to learn the latest dancing style. You had to be at a bull’s game to watch Michael Jordan or you’d miss the thrill.

I miss such days. But they had their own challenges. Because they could be easily manipulated to serve the interests of those in power. And 🇰🇪 is no exception to this. We all remember how it was before. That’s why we advanced in technology. My worry is how we’re using the technology. Instead of the positivity it’s meant to bring, it’s causing more harm than what it was meant to bring.

People get news and info so quick without it going through and editorial team. This is great but it can pause a great challenge because rumors can spread faster and make people panic and do things out of fear.

Like the corona virus. Someone writes an article on the cure, publishes it and is not a medical practitioner and people believe him / her because he has a catchy tag line “14 ways to cure corona”.

Leave alone news. People bring others down on the internet. They start poking someone until they achieve an ill motive of ensuring he / she suffers. This happens so often to us “celebrities”. And without knowing, one enters into depression and the next thing we hear, he / she comitted suicide. A very worrying trend.

Also comparison. Also jealousy also theft and many more examples. My list would be long if I decided to continue.

But I would like to challenge you my reader and anyone out there who comes across this article. Let’s be the agents of change, people who bring others up, people who share positive things online, people who use online as a way to get to know how our friends are doing. And with this, the world will be a better place.


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