Have you ever walked out of your house around six or six thirty in the morning ? Even if you don’t live in an own compound house ? Even if it’s in a busy corner of a city like Nairobi ? You feel a certain kind of silence. Nature starts to speak to you.
You feel fresh, you feel okay, you reconnect with your inner self. That’s the kind of noise I’m talking about. In silence you usually find yourself.
Something this worldy pandemic has taught me. And I’m liking the lessons it is offering. Since we can’t live our houses or interact alot, were left to the company of ourselves. As rastas call it “I and I”.
At first I was wondering what to do, but as day’s kept going, I started to get into the routine, adjust and find ways to cope with being alone.
As I was coping, I found I started to reflect more, think more and analyze alot. I started to see my self on the inner. On a depth lens like cameras on a latest smartphone. Capturing the finer details.
While doing so, I decided why not write a list of positive things I like about myself and the negatives I don’t. Then I decided to work on the negatives each day.
I also decided to try writing a vision board. A board of things I want to achieve in my life. Surprisingly what I wrote on my vision board is slowly coming to life in two months of isolation 😊.
Thank you slience 🙏. And I’m still finding more and more positives coming from this isolation.
So you my dear reader, as you read this, don’t just sit down. Hear the noise in silence. Hear yourself, find yourself so that when the pandemic ends, you come out on the other side stronger not shorter of the stick.

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