You might be surprised by the title of the article. But please don’t. I love wine and I’m sure most of you do. But for me it’s a chilled drink (For someone who rarely drinks or goes out) plus when I have it I have some of the most intimate conversations with people. No disrespect to other alcohol brands or drinks but they’re not my thing. And that’s just life. We can’t all be the same. We can’t all like the same things, come from the same places and pick up same careers even when we’re twins. There’s just got to be some difference. And that’s the beauty of life. It creates so much diversity that you get to see thing’s on different lenses. Something I’ve come to appreciate as I get older. I’ve gotten to appreciate people for who they are. Whether they’re introverts (like me) or extroverts (who like to party) or amiable(people who experience both temperaments) I appreciate them for who they are. But sometimes it’s not the case. Most of us don’t even appreciate ourselves we try to fit in in a certain set standards so as to seem “cool / popular”. Something I strongly denounce. Just be yourself. People will like you for who you are, if they don’t then those aren’t meant to be your friends. For me as I stated up above, I’m an introvert. An INFJ (Introvert intuitive feeling judging) to be exact. I’m very quiet and when in a crowd of more than 10 people, sometimes I feel uncomfortable. I like helping others and I’m so concerned with worldly problems and bigger pictures I even forget about the present. I like specific things such as music, art and clothes. I’d rather listen to a whole Billie Elish album / Khalid or buy an old antique art piece or thing (such as a tv or a car) than keep up with what is trending. Surprisingly I’m better at performing and talking to a big crowd than interacting with them. I’m a musician and mostly after my performances I like to disappear and just go home. Rarely will you see me at after parties or taking photosπŸ“· for socials. And that’s me. I can’t change myself. No matter how much I try. And I like that. I like who I am no matter how diverse I might be. As I’m getting older, I’ve learnt to embrace my diversity. Embrace my true self and only through that will I be able to appreciate others. Something I suggest you should also do. Just be yourself and the rest will be okay 😊. Also get to do a personality test (and understand yourself more) because through that you will truly get to know who you are and how to live with others.



  1. I have read the article and I think I’ve picked up something tangible for myself. From now on, I choose me
    Thanks George


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