It was a cold Easter Friday morning. I woke up earlier than usual and as the norm, I check my phone. I came across Olive’s tweet either by grace or by chance. The things which affirm that a higher being exists. I have also been struggling. Struggling to fight and find what’s right and what’s wrong. Trying to start over and failing. Each time promising thyself “I will do it”. But this time after reading his tweet I got motivated to do it more. More than I ever did. Because the negatives had taken a toll on me. A noticable toll. Money became my enemy, always sliping away from my arms. Friends I couldn’t keep. Those close noticed there was a problem. But this time I was determined. Not to please people but to work on myself to be better. Better than I was.This day will always serve as a new beginning. A new beginning to a new life, a new start, a new chapter just as Christ died on this day for our sins, so do I shed the past and wear a new suit. A new face a new shave a new home, if I could get a new name so as to reach the future my bed keeps on allowing me to dream about.


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