GROWTH : (How old is mature?)

Growing up, most of us we’re taught that by the time you get to 18 you should be able to live on your own. But is it true ? I don’t think so. This is because by the time you are 18, most likely you are finishing highschool, registering for University or doing A level’s ( Year 12, Year 13 or form 5 and six ) How then will you be able to fend for yourself ? For me growth is relative. It not only means growth in age, but also growth in terms of character and personality. Ever heard people say that one is old but not mature ? Most likely they are referring to his character. Which is a key element in growth. Some people might even be as old as seventy but if their character is weak, they still have not grown. IE ; (How they behave) Growth can also take another form. It can be outgrowing a habit in which you used to engage in before. At a higher chance those who do this outgrow a bad habit that they saw destructing their lives. Be it drinking, smoking, stealing or even the simplest as how you perceive people towards you. I can attest to this. For the past two years I decided to outgrow a habit which was disrupting my life and most of those who have known me prior and up to now have actually attested to seeing growth in my life. Also growth can be bettering yourself at what you do. Be it painting, writing or other skill’s and profession. You start becoming better and better at what you do and eventually the master of the trade. I recently read 50th law, a book written by Curtis Jackson alias 50 cent, and he talks about growth and says “Growth takes time and patience and bettering yourself to be the master” something I think most if possible all should apply. From the above points, I have tried to be brief but precise on the growth topic and I hope you as my reader have gained something.


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