HALF TIME : (Is there such a time in life?)

I’m not an avid sports lover but for the past 2 year’s my friends have introduced me to the football craze and I think I’m liking it. The reason why I am talking about football is because of the half time. That’s the time the first half comes to an end and player’s take a break and come back to play for another forty five minutes. Usually it’s a time the coach talks to the player’s and motivates them and also a time the player’s plan on how to play in the second half and win the game. I remember the world cup. The half time saved so many teams and one that benefited most was the England team. Come to the just concluded Africa cup of nation’s, Senegal benefited a lot. Even during the UEFA champions league. Both Tottenham and Liverpool benefited a lot. A time I think should be included in life. Most of us go way beyond in what we do and even forget to take rests. And that’s actually what contributes to most mental and suicidal problems in our society. At times we burn out in search of trying to be the best at what we do. We try to compete with others and even compete with ourselves trying to surparse what we did before. Why ? Is it because of the praise that comes with being number one ? Or is it because we want to look successful ? Most of us went to schools where the rest periods we’re less and those who we’re seen to be relaxed and in no kind of pressure were seen as the “lazybones” Is it true ? I don’t think so. Actually it’s the best time in the world. But don’t confuse rest with pleasure. Resting does not mean going on a drinking spree from Friday to Sunday. Resting does not mean engaging in compulsive sexual behavior’s. Resting does not mean sleeping the whole day during leave days. Rest actually means taking time to analyze what you do in a more relaxed manner. You might be a scientist, working on research and innovations. You might decide to take the weekends or even leave days to analyze your work and see where you went wrong. Where you need to research more, what you need to tell the world. That’s real rest. You might also be a teacher, a doctor, an accountant or even a musician. You decide to take a rest and see why your music is not selling, you decide to analyze why your students are not getting a certain topic you are teaching. Why a judge ruled against your favor. All with the aim of growing your skills. We shouldn’t just be full-time workers without taking any rests. Even the Lord Almighty the first ever known worker took a rest. He even commanded us to take rests and observe the Sabbath as a holy day. Why do we then try to outdo him ? Of which we shouldn’t. We should always take rests and try to analyze things slowly so as to be able to provide the best solutions. For I believe when one is relaxed and is not in any kind of pressure, they deliver to their potential best.


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