BROKEN GLASS (Provides best view)

Growing up, my Dad built our home in Chuka some thirty years ago. At first it was among the most beautiful houses in that area but as time went by, more and more developments came up and with the county government system, the area has grown rapidly. But my Dad is still happy with the home. Actually he enjoys staying there compared to Nairobi. Not because it is a new home or as fancy as others, but because of the love he has for it. Even while other’s are building bigger and more decent home’s, he enjoys the comfort of what he has. Sometimes that has always left me in wonders. Considering life’s fast pace, most of us are ashamed of our weaknesses or things that appear to be undermining in our lives. It’s rare to see people post about their failures. On social media, all you see is gilts and glamour and at times you wonder, “Do people have bad day’s ?” But one thing I have learnt is those things we try to hide are actually what build us and mould us to success. Those un accepted proposals, that bad song, that bad article, that bad painting are what bring out success. And as they say “dawn comes after the darkest hour”. From real life experience we have people like Steve jobs, T.D Jake’s, Nelson Mandela, Wangari Maathai and Sean Combs all in who are my role model’s and besides that, it’s their failures that built them to success. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years, lost time with his family but he didn’t give up on his quest for a free and democratic South Africa. Same to Wangari Maathai, on her quest to a green kenya. Even at some point the government called her “mad woman”. For Steve jobs Apple almost didn’t make it through, he had a hard time pricing it and at some point people were refusing theMacintosh computers. But that didn’t derail him. He persisted and today Apple is the first company in the world to reach $1B mark in net profit. For T.D Jake’s it was with his ministry, he even records it in his book “Soar to Great Heights” of how he struggled to keep his ministry afloat and how he has grown to where he is. For Sean Combs it’s his music. Being among the pioneers of mogul business in music industry, he endured a lot of backlash from people who didn’t believe in him and surprisingly through alot of rejection, he is among the richest musician’s in the world and not only that, a smart business man who ranks with giant’s such as Alibaba and Warren Buffett. I wish we had more people who could courageously talk about their weaknesses. Our mentality should not only be filled with success. Go beyond the glam, go behind closed doors, those dark nights are what builds us. Personally I have a very small percentage of role model’s I look up to. Not because I hate role model’s but because I admire people who are honest and courageous enough to share about their failures. Something of suggest to you my fellow reader considering this being my point of view.


4 thoughts on “BROKEN GLASS (Provides best view)

  1. This is one of the most inspirational article I’ve read.. It has taught me the other side of life.. Keep up Mugambi.


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